The Story Of The Afghan Girl.

The photograph above of a girl with piercing green eyes, wearing a red headscarf and looking intently at the camera is a famous photograph taken by a National Geographic Society photographer named Steve McCurry. The photograph appeared on the front cover of National Geographic In June 1985.

Steve McCurry was…

Hi! I’m Reggie and I’m single.

I believe the last time I wrote anything about myself was in primary school. I remember vividly coming home one day with an assignment that said, write a composition about myself. I wrote it and submitted it the next day. When my teacher was done marking everyone’s assignments, she returned…

My Medium Journey

When I started writing on medium, I would always fantasize about earning a thousand dollars on the platform and writing an article about it. I would fantasize about it even though I was always paid nothing more than 80 cents every month.

It got to a point that I wrote…

The Life of Phan Thi Kim Phuc

The picture above depicts soldiers walking behind terrified children, including a naked nine-year-old girl named Phan Thi Kim Phuc, running down a country road after a napalm attack on their village. …

The rise and fall of Kevin Carter

The picture above of a vulture and a starving child is a famous photograph by Kevin Carter. The photograph became known as “The Struggling Girl” and depicted the Sudan famine in 1993.

In this photograph, the child (believed to be a girl) was attempting to reach a United Nations feeding…

The brave but unfortunate end of Kyoichi Sawada

The photograph above of a Vietnamese family wading across a river in search of safety is a famous photograph taken by Kyoichi Sawada in 1965. The photograph was dubbed “Flee to safety” and it depletes the war in Vietnam.

In this photograph, the woman and her four children were fleeing…

Show Your City

Street foods you need to try in Port Harcourt.

Located in the Southern part of Nigeria. Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, is the fifth-largest city in the country. The city lies around the Bonny River, and it’s considered to be Nigeria’s second-largest port, exporting things like Palm oil, palm kernels, timber coal, and petroleum.

But I…

My Country And Its Superstitions

Back in secondary school, there was this math teacher I hated so much. He was the sole reason why maths was one of my worst subject back then. He was annoying, troublesome, and just loves making fun of his students.

I remember vividly one day when he walked into the…

The fruit of a nuclear war.

The photograph above of a child carrying his dead sibling on his back is a photograph taken by photojournalist, Joe O’Donnell in 1945 for the military.

The photograph above depicts the aftermaths of the atomic bomb explosions at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. His photographs showed the utmost destruction…

A picture that shows one of the greatest moments in football history and of sportsmanship

The photograph above is a photograph taken during the 1970 World Cup tournament in Mexico. The 1966 world cup holders, England, were playing against the team globally recognized to be the best in International history, Brazil.

The match ended with Brazil defeating England 1–0 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico…

Reginald Ben-Halliday

Reginald is a writer, an accounting student and a dog lover.

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