The Story Of The Afghan Girl.

The photograph above of a girl with piercing green eyes, wearing a red headscarf and looking intently at the camera is a famous photograph taken by a National Geographic Society photographer named Steve McCurry. The photograph appeared on the front cover of National Geographic In June 1985.

Steve McCurry was…

The rise and fall of Kevin Carter

TThe picture above of a vulture and a starving child is a famous photograph by Kevin Carter. The photograph became known as “The Struggling Girl” and depicted the Sudan famine in 1993.

In this photograph, the child (believed to be a girl) was attempting to reach a United Nations feeding…

Immurement and the Mongolian prisoner in the box.

The photograph above depicts a harrowing scene in which a woman is held captive in a wooden crate and left to die of starvation in a remote desert in Mongolia, 1913.

Captioned as “Mongolian prisoner in a box”, the Photograph was published on National Geographic in 1922 under the name…

Historical postcards documenting Africa and it’s people during the intense time of European Colonialism

In the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, postcard production were widely available throughout Europe. Travelers used postcards as a means to communicate and share their journeys with their family and friends back home.

In 1884 to 1885, When European powers came together at a conference in Berlin to…

Reginald Ben-Halliday

History through photos| Crimes| Travel|||| and a place to document my growth, joy and struggles

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